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Random character doodle by HeroAce
Random character doodle
I was trying to draw an anime character and I just wound up with this guy...I call him Zik (like sick but with a Z) I like his face but bodies arent my strengths....
Grovyle: Ace Style by HeroAce
Grovyle: Ace Style
Eh I don't really have a style, I just kinda make things a bit pointy and stuff, but hey one of my favorite Pokemon, and a mid evolution at that!
Lucario: Ace Style by HeroAce
Lucario: Ace Style
Yeah so here's my other piece, my favorite Pokemon, Lucario. Don't have a scanner and I didn't know what to do with the Aura Sphere but I still like it.
PokeTales chapter - 15



Benji released heavy breaths as he stood in front of the small shop that belonged to a wide eyed Blissey and her young assistant, Spoink.

"Whoa....what was that?!" Benji questioned in utter surprise as he shifted his paws around.

"Look out!" The Spoink called out, causing Benji to turn, then dissappear for a moment as three more Beedrill came swarming towards the shop, only to be hit by a Flame Wheel that came from seemingly nowhere.

"Whoa! This is awesome!" Benji called out as he emerged from the Fame Wheel.

"I dont know what that weird stick was, but I like it!" Benji smirked as he turned towards the swarm, and began to slowly walk towards the chaos, escelating into a small jog, then finally picking up speed for a run, until he suddenly began to speed to a near invisible charge.


"Yah!" With another swing, Kaze took down another Beedrill, but there still was the whole swarm to deal with.

"They just wont stop comming!" Kaze grunted as he stopped on a rooftop to take in the sight of the whole swarm, trying to come up with a plan when he began to notice something about the Beedrill.

"That big one...seems to be giving orders." Kaze observed as one Beedrill that was double the size of a normal Beedrill, seemed to be yelling and commanding his swarm, ordering them to go, and where to attack.

"I bet that one's the key." Kaze stated as he began to hop from rooftop to rooftop of the remaining buildings to get closer, due to all of the extreme speed he used, his body needed some time before he could begin to use it again.

"Ngh, if there werent so many of his little minions, I could take a shot at it." Kaze growled as he continued to roof hop when suddenly a rapid blur of flame flew past his face and quickly eliminated a small chunk of the swarm in front of Kaze before landing in front of the cautious Lucario.

"Whats wrong? cant keep up?" A small growlithe smirked as he emerged from the spinning flame.

"Well well well, look who finally stepped it up. glad to see it too, because i could really use that speed right about now. See the big one? I think he's calling the shots, and if we could take him down, then maybe this will end." Kaze explained as he crouched down and pointed at the Large bee like pokemon.

"What did you have in mind?" Benji questioned as his tail began to unconsciously wag, displaying his excitement.


"Keep Moving you worthless Weedles, ZZZZ!" The large Beedrill called out as he swung his large stinger at the swarm and anyone who flew past him.

"We have more work to do here, and aint noting gonna keep us from-" The large bug type began to order, but was suddenly halted as a spinning wheel of flame came flying from the ground, and began swatting down his drones like a Tire on the road, as it literally rolled in the air, before rolling right at him.

"Bah! That was pathetic, ZZZZ!" The large bug type called out as he deflected the attack with one of his stingers and sent it flying upwards, only to be quickly assaulted by a bragge of Aura Sphere attacks, not dealing enough to defeat him, but enough to get his attention.

"Grr, so you are the one who has been slowing my work here! Well ill take care of you unlike my useless Drones, ZZZ! The large Beedrill called out as his Stingers began to glow, but was ultimately pointless when a torrent of fire rained down upon him, covering him in black ash as he then looked up to see a young Growlithe smirking at him from above before finally falling from the sky, defeated.


"Ugh....Huh?!" The Beedrill awoke, completely astonished as a Growlithe with a flame lit in its mouth, a Lucario with a glowing Bone pointed at his head, and a Blissey with her hand glowing were all looming over him, not leaving any chance for escape for the Large Beedrill.

"Alright, now its time to talk; why did you attack this town?" Kaze interrigated the bug type, but got nothing but a turned head and silence.

"Benji.." Kaze uttered to his growlithe companion, giving him the ok to use force.

The growlithe began to approach the Beedrill, lighting the flame higher, and even spitting some fire at the ground around him, causing the bug type to freak out.

"W-We were ordered to do this! W-we have no say in the matter!!!" The Beedrill frantically explained, panicking as he tried to squirm away.

"Who ordered you?" Kaze called out as he pointed his staff closer, while Benji approached with his staff.

"I-I cant say! They are vicious, a-and dangerous! They dont let you talk and get away!" The Beedrill stated fearfully, and shaking.

"What do you know about the Phantom Thief? Why did you send him?" Benji quickly jumped in.

"Who is that? We dont have anyone in our ranks like that!" The Beedrill panicked while Kaze gave Benji a weird look.

"Hey, thought I would give it a shot." Benji retorted to the look.

"Alright you, I dont know why you would let these pokemon order you around, but you have alot to fix around here, so order your troops a back here and lets-" Kaze  began to order the Beedrill, but was cut off when a large plant like pokemon of a yellow color, large mouth, and a piercing voice ambushed the trio and sprayed a tremendous amount of Green, Sleep Powder, immediately putting them to sleep.


As his eyes cracked open slowly, Kaze found himself lying on the dirt ground, and being cuddled once again by a particular, SnaggleToothed Growlithe, who in return, was being cuddled by an awkward, beady eyed, bug type, who seemed fasenated with theobject around the Growlithe's neck.

"....Gah!" Kaze took a moment to process what was happening before he quickly jumped up and grabbed ahold of the Ninjask they were originally in search of.

"Just what did you think you were doing, coming back to take his....Stone?" Kaze uttered as he held the bug type and began intimidating it, before taking notice of the stone that was once again around Benji's neck.

"S-Shinobi return shinies..." The Ninjask who identified himself as Shinobi stated as he pointed to the large pile of shiny items in the middle of the street, while the other pokemon began to finally wake up.

"Why are you suddenly bringing all of these back?" Kaze questioned the troublemaking Ninjask.

"Shinobi, like shiny, but doesn't like trouble. So Shinobi help and bring back shiny, and use speed to help small one." Shinobi stated to the still waking Benji.

"*yawn* help me? mean that red stick thing was you?" Benji questioned in confusion.

"Red stick?"

"There he is!" An angry voice called out from the distance, causing Kaze to focus from his train of thought on a small mob coming their way.

The mob was being led by an angry looking Pokemon who walked on two legs like Kaze, had a gray coloring and liked to shake its fists, this Pokemon was known as Machoke.

"So that's the one who started this whole mess and cost us homes, buildings and business. Not to mention our valuables!!" The machoke called out, pointing an accusing finger at the frightened Shinobi.

"Now hold on! This Pokemon had nothing to do with this invasion, I can tell you that for sure!" Benji spoke up, not liking where this conversation was going, seeing as he had previously been on their side not too long ago.

"Oh yeah? Well who did it then?" The machoke called out, demanding answers.

"We don't really know, but we are going to find out!" Benji stated, defending the bug type and trying to calm the Pokemon of the town.

"And what can you do about it?" Machoke called out, only getting more annoyed at the small Pokemon.

"Well we were the ones who defeated the swarm...mostly..." Benji replied, mumbling the last part under his breath, seeing as he wasn't one to be called a liar.

"Its true, these two decided to take on the whole swarm and came out as winners!" The Blissey called out from behind her counter, slamming a hand on the counter like she tended to do with a big grin on her face.

"Yep yep! So you need to stop yelling at those two and start thanking them!!!" The young Spoink called out as she bounced on the counter in joy with her orb placed back on her head.

"Ehh...even so, what about that one? He has been stealing from us for a while now!" Machoke called out, wanting to just blame something at this point.

"S-shinobi bring back shiny!" Shinobi called out, trying to make peace.

"I don't care, your a criminal, and you deserve to be taken away, am I right?!" Machoke exclaimed, rallying up the other pokemon as they began to rush towards the frightened Ninjask, only to be stopped by the swift swing of a bone club, stopping inches away from the face of machoke.

"Yes, we can see you are all upset, and yes he has stolen from you all, and that's inexcusable
Which is why he should be punished, but not by you all; is anything he deserves the worst of the worst punishments." Kaze stated calmly to the crowd, gaining much positive feedback.

"Which is why I say, he should be banned from this town until his debt has been paid to you all!" Kaze called out, only being out matched in noise by the crowd itself.

While all of this occurred, Shinobi could only feel despair deep inside his as his wings began to beat as slot as they could go.


The sun was ready to set as the crowd gathered to the edge of the western exit of Birch Town, all of the towns folk were waiting to see their thief finally banished, and their town finally gain peace.

The small Ninjask hovered in place, looking at the towns folk who all stared daggers through him.

The Ninjask honestly could feel himself breaking from it all.

" sorry..." He muttered to himself as he began to slowly hover down the path.

"Hey...slowpoke...wanna pick up the pace, some of us actually have places to be." A voice called from directly behind the disheartened Ninjask, causing him to turn and see two figures he had seen a lot of.

"Huh?" Shinobi turned and saw a bipedal canine and an orange four legged canine standing behind him, prompting him to move aside and allowing the two to pass him up.

"Hey, you know. Since you aren't allowed to this town, that means you don't have any ties here, and we don't have any reason to stay either. You seem like you could use some help, and from what we have seen in that talent of yours, we could use someone like you around. Maybe you can even make things right to this town if you help us stop whoever messed this town up; what do you say? Wanna come along with us?' Kaze explained as he offered the Ninjask something her was sure he had never been offered before.

The Ninjask couldn't muster up words, only tears as his wings began to beat even faster than before and if he had a mouth, a smile would have surely been there.

"Then let's go, Shinobi right?" Kaze stated, reassured he had his information correct, receiving a nod in response.

"Good, well I'm Kaze."

"And they call me Benji!" The two introduced themselves.

"Shinobi is...very happy! The Ninjask stated as they continued down the road.

Now the duo has turned into a trio, all with a new mission, and many new trials ahead, but your going to haft to keep reading to see what happens next!

To be continued.....
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